By: Garson Yu. Posted Jul 29, 2010 at 10:49 AM.


A few years ago, I was accepted to be a member of AGI. I was asked by Wang Xu, a designer friend of mine, to create a personal piece of motion graphic for the AGI student conference 2005 in Tokyo. I had my long time collaborators Etsuko and Ed working with me on this piece.

Wang Xu’s idea for his Olympic Games poster uses the 5 squares as the foundation for his design. He invited several designers from different countries to make their own poster based on this square. I chose to make something in motion graphics. I wanted to break down the context of a square poster. I wanted to redefine the nature of an outdoor poster and the definition of a poster in a public space. I decided to use visible text to communicate the idea of a poster hanging in a public space in relationship with what’s the poster’s image is; in this case, a square. I wanted to deconstruct the context of the poster through motion graphics and redefine the viewer’s perception of what we are looking at.

The piece has 2 parts: the first part runs all visible images forward but the audio runs backward. In the second part, we see all the images running backward but the Japanese VO audio runs forward in real time. This is almost like a test of our mind to understand the message when the audio goes against the visual. In this case, although the audio goes against the image, it helps the audience to follow the story because the animation of the text guides you to read the message.

Although, the piece is 5 years old but I thought it would be great to share with you.

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