By: Garson Yu. Posted Aug 25, 2010 at 11:48 AM.


Life has a beginning and an ending.
But in our lifetime,
there exists a continuum,
a time full of curiosity and constant surprise,
observation and discovery.

When I look at Degas’ sculptures,
I am always fascinated by how I am able to see something new each time.
My perception changes at each angle and as I walk around the sculpture,
the figures give new meaning.
Figures in motion.
De Kooning defined painting as drawing,
and from his and Degas’ work,
I became curious as to how sculpture could be defined as drawing
and play with our perceptions of sculpture.

As an initial experiment,
I drew curved lines and straight lines on paper.
These lines were then translated into a series of miniature wire sculptures.
Each miniature was then placed on a white turntable
with a single directional light source above it.
As I walked around these objects,
I saw shadows, being drawn by light,
growing out from these metal wires.
The illusion of the object and shadows blended together as one.
In photographic each object,
I captured a singular moment in which each object possessed life,
full, with its shadow emanating forth.
The wire figure and its shadow enveloped an imaginary space,
an organic one.
In our daily lives,
everything is a sequence,
a complete whole,
a sum of all parts;
context and presence.

I now look at the objects differently.
In continuation,
I will film these objects with a stop motion camera,
slow down the motion of rotation and
project the sequence against a sheer fabric or substance.
by removing the physicality and dimension of the objects,
I can now take them out of their context
as objects
sitting on a surface.
they will float and dance,
intrinsic parts of an environment,
a space,
the air in which we breathe and the beauty
that is life.


Posted Friday Sep 10, 2010 at 4:04 PM

Truly inspiring, visionary - fantastic!

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